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tangled - rapunzel lantern


believe the tunnel can end

believe your body can mend

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Hello. [:
tangled - rapunzel lantern

Jonas Brothers Graphic by JONAS GRAPHICS ;.
the boys say hello to you, too.

 Name: Deejae
Birthday/Age: May 12th, 1991; 18
Student?: First year in college
|| not adding
I'm actually really nice, so you can add me.
It's not like I post a lot, anyway.
I'm the LJ-er formally known as joenas_sister
Honestly, feel free to add me. I love making new friends.
I'm from Castro Valley, California - reppin' the Bay Area.
It's quite obvious that I love the Jonas Brothers, but trust me - there's more to me than meets the eye.
So here's where I say, "Adios!"


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oh cool:]] I joined themmm
I am pretty much addicted to the JBDMG stories haha
anddd I'm sorry, i can't really think of any suggestions
ive been trying to but, really I have the creativity level of a goldfish.
hahaa sorry :/

Lolol. Interesting analogy. :D

I'll tell the other DMGs what you said, okay? Hopefully one of us - or preferably, some of us - will be able to work something out.

ha okayy thanks:]
if it helps, I really liked the stories Problems, Selfish, Beware the Quiet Ones, Two of a Kind, Obviously, and Writer's Block...so anything like any of those six would be probably be amazingg

let me know if you guys update?

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