tangled - rapunzel lantern


believe the tunnel can end

believe your body can mend

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Hello. [:
tangled - rapunzel lantern

Jonas Brothers Graphic by JONAS GRAPHICS ;.
the boys say hello to you, too.

 Name: Deejae
Birthday/Age: May 12th, 1991; 18
Student?: First year in college
|| not adding
I'm actually really nice, so you can add me.
It's not like I post a lot, anyway.
I'm the LJ-er formally known as joenas_sister
Honestly, feel free to add me. I love making new friends.
I'm from Castro Valley, California - reppin' the Bay Area.
It's quite obvious that I love the Jonas Brothers, but trust me - there's more to me than meets the eye.
So here's where I say, "Adios!"


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Oh, okay. At least you have fun, which is the important part. The tickets my friend was able to get are way in 218, I'm pretty sure. Maybe you can sneak us in! Lol, I'm totally kidding. But yeah, it doesn't really matter how far we are because we know from experience that the concert's great even in the balconies.

oh i know, i have never been so close, i usually go to outside shows(ive never been to an inside show)and im always on the lawn, and its a blast.

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