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tangled - rapunzel lantern


believe the tunnel can end

believe your body can mend

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Hello. [:
tangled - rapunzel lantern

Jonas Brothers Graphic by JONAS GRAPHICS ;.
the boys say hello to you, too.

 Name: Deejae
Birthday/Age: May 12th, 1991; 18
Student?: First year in college
|| not adding
I'm actually really nice, so you can add me.
It's not like I post a lot, anyway.
I'm the LJ-er formally known as joenas_sister
Honestly, feel free to add me. I love making new friends.
I'm from Castro Valley, California - reppin' the Bay Area.
It's quite obvious that I love the Jonas Brothers, but trust me - there's more to me than meets the eye.
So here's where I say, "Adios!"


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helllo new LJ!
where do you go to school?

I go to a community college, Chabot. I decided to go there since I wasn't really sure of my major, and my family didn't/doesn't have enough money for me to take GE through a high-priced university while I wait to decide. Haha.

Your new journal is ttly gorgeous.


Hey! Wanna affiliate with IJB?
I love your stories btw!

Sure, I'd love to!
And thank you so very much. (:

I added you :) since you posted on Forget About Fate.

AH! omgg are you one of the JBDMG's?
gahh, if so, you guys havent updated in like four months...it kinda sucks?
hahah please update soon :]]]]]]]]
ive reread each of the old ones atleast 3 times each...hahaha

Yes, I am! Lol, thank you.

And ugh, I know! I need some inspiration or whatever. :P
Any suggestions?

hey, um i was just reading someones comments and clicked on your username since it sounded really cool haha. thats so cool that your from the bay area, i am too ! are you going to the san jose or sacramento jonas concerts this summer !? :D

Oh, hi! :) Thanks for adding me. Yes, my best friend, her sister, and I are going to the San Jose concert on Aug 3. Are you a fan of Honor Society? If so, I'm also gonna be at the show on August 6th -- at least, I think I am, haha.

hi, are you seeing them this summer? where ? im in san jose.

Yeah! My best friend, her sister, and I are watching the Aug. 3rd show. :]

Hiya, I'm jbfan81 over on twitter. Add me back? Please! LOL.

hey,mind if I add you? my name is Jasmine and i'm huge JB fan too!

Yeah, I added you back! Hi, nice to meet you! :]

hey! you added me, where'd you find me, just curious. You're from the bay area too, whoa, I live in Fremont! Such a crappy city, but why am I complaining! :D Nice to meet you Deejae!

Hi! Sorry, I failed to mention I know you on twitter; I'm __djenilin :) Fremont is about half an hour from me! What a coincidence. :D

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