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tangled - rapunzel lantern

OH, HAI! It has been about a year and a half since I last wrote in this journal. LOL, WHOOPS. Quite a lot has changed since then.

+ I graduated from Chabot Community College on May 27, 2011.

+ I changed my major from nursing to English.

+ I earned two Associate's degrees: one in English (emphasis in literature), and one in Liberal Arts (emphasis in social sciences).

+ I transferred to University of California, Berkeley.

+ Today was my first day of class - it was boring.

+ I have an excruciating migraine that makes it hard for me to see at the moment.

+ I have a job - no, no longer at Macy*s. I am a Kin Navigator at Lincoln Child Center. You don't have to know what that is, lol.

+ I felt compelled to update this journal, but as I type, my migraine gets worse, thus my drive to make this post lessens more and more.


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Wow, that's awesome! Good luck with Berkeley!

My year has been considerately lamer...

+ I got a tattoo

+ I graduated high school

+ Had a job, quit for a different job, that job let me go because they hired too many people

+ No plans for college from lack of funds

+ Mom got sick, then better, then sicker, and is currently in remission so yay!

+ that's it. Lame right?

Re: Wow, that's awesome! Good luck with Berkeley!

GIRL, NOT LAME AT ALL. What's the tattoo?! And yes, I saw your graduation pictures (I am weird and saw the pictures, but didn't even think to comment D:). I totally understand the college plans being derailed because of money. I am scrapping for $$ at the moment since I am the only person in the house working.

I can't believe that ann employer let you go because they made the stupid mistake of hiring too many people. :| What the fuq.

I'm sorry about your mom, bb, but it's good to hear she's in remission.

I have neglected all social networking sites, so I feel like we don't talk anymore - totally my fault, and I'm sorry! I'm trying to reconnect, so woohoo! :)

Re: Wow, that's awesome! Good luck with Berkeley!

Taken a couple hours after done :)
the spots are the cream I used to keep it hydrated

things will slow down soon enough!

Re: Wow, that's awesome! Good luck with Berkeley!

Oh, my God, it's beeeaaauuuutiful! :D I seriously really, really love it. :3 And I have to agree, life is all to blame for my neglectful...ness. I'm sure I'll fall into another routine soon, haha.

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