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tangled - rapunzel lantern


believe the tunnel can end

believe your body can mend

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shit has indeed changed since my last entry (which was on august 25, 2011). hah. i've really neglected this livejournal, though i tend to pop into lj at the most random times. anyway. i kind of miss the freedom i had in posting to this thing because, now, with my addiction to tumblr, folks know me on there and i can't talk shit properly, lolol. but really, i miss having that escape, the freedom of writing my feelings out and having minimal judgment from the people who follow me. anyway.

it's my last semester at uc berkeley, most likely. want to study abroad. probs can't. issues have sprung up in life (this is both related and unrelated to the first few sentences of this paragraph). starting to question my "position" in life. it's really weird. i just have a lot of feels that i can't really control. ah, as is life.

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tangled - rapunzel lantern

OH, HAI! It has been about a year and a half since I last wrote in this journal. LOL, WHOOPS. Quite a lot has changed since then.

+ I graduated from Chabot Community College on May 27, 2011.

+ I changed my major from nursing to English.

+ I earned two Associate's degrees: one in English (emphasis in literature), and one in Liberal Arts (emphasis in social sciences).

+ I transferred to University of California, Berkeley.

+ Today was my first day of class - it was boring.

+ I have an excruciating migraine that makes it hard for me to see at the moment.

+ I have a job - no, no longer at Macy*s. I am a Kin Navigator at Lincoln Child Center. You don't have to know what that is, lol.

+ I felt compelled to update this journal, but as I type, my migraine gets worse, thus my drive to make this post lessens more and more.


Hello. [:
tangled - rapunzel lantern

Jonas Brothers Graphic by JONAS GRAPHICS ;.
the boys say hello to you, too.

 Name: Deejae
Birthday/Age: May 12th, 1991; 18
Student?: First year in college
|| not adding
I'm actually really nice, so you can add me.
It's not like I post a lot, anyway.
I'm the LJ-er formally known as joenas_sister
Honestly, feel free to add me. I love making new friends.
I'm from Castro Valley, California - reppin' the Bay Area.
It's quite obvious that I love the Jonas Brothers, but trust me - there's more to me than meets the eye.
So here's where I say, "Adios!"